The world's first brass saxophone in matt black

The world's first brass saxophone in matt black

Product Trailer & Unboxing

About Stalaxy

The Stalaxy is the world’s first ever brass saxophone in matte black. It grabs the eye with its futuristic and modern appearance that transforms the traditional image of the saxophone. We haven’t made any compromise on quality, feel or playability. In fact, the Stalaxy saxophone combines innovative design with first-class intonation and responsiveness.

We created this product with a laser-sharp focus on value and uniqueness. We rejected plastic parts and cheap components. Instead, the Stalaxy stands out for its individuality and quality – down to the smallest detail.

With the Stalaxy and its compatible online course, you’ll take the innovative and future-ready path to becoming an exceptional and unique player on the music scene. Just like our instruments, our online course is all about individuality, quality and innovation. Without any prior knowledge, you can quickly and steadily conquer the music scene – and have a lot of fun too.

What’s included

The comprehensive package comes with specially optimized accessories. Along with your Stalaxy saxophone, you’ll receive our own-brand neck strap and a Stalaxy mouthpiece, as well as a 1.5-strength reed and a suitable ligature. Cork grease and cleaning items are in the package too. The case has shoulder-bag and rucksack functions, and a practical A4-sized storage pocket. That makes it easy to carry sheet music in your instrument case. A protective bite-plate is glued onto the mouthpiece to boost comfort for your teeth while playing.

On top of this, we’ll give you access to our Stalaxy online course. It empowers you to learn how to play the saxophone, even as a complete beginner. When you’ve completed the course, you’ll have a solid understanding of musical notation and rhythm – so you can play songs.

Stalaxy beginner online course

Our Stalaxy beginner online course teaches the basics that you need to start playing. It begins with the first steps, and you won’t need any prior knowledge of music or notation.

Video lessons introduce topics like embouchure, finger positions and reading music – as well as your first songs. We show you the basics in a relaxed way, so you can learn to play saxophone without any stress. If you find a lesson difficult, you can take your time and watch the video again whenever you like.

Many of the lessons also offer download materials like sheet music, exercises and playalong tracks. Our videos show Marius playing the Stalaxy alto saxophone and Andre playing the Stalaxy tenor. As soon as your Stalaxy arrives, you can check out the first video and start playing!

Creating Stalaxy

We spent two years developing the best possible finished product. With a passion for perfectionism, we worked on improving several prototypes. We’re now 100 percent satisfied with our Stalaxy and we guarantee you’ll feel the same way.

As experienced live players with bookings around the world, we placed a strong focus on the sound and feel of the Stalaxy saxophone – alongside its cool design. We set ourselves the goal of making a perfect instrument. Today, we’re proud to say we’ve achieved that goal!

We’ve created a saxophone with a unique design that combines eye-catching appearance with great intonation thanks to our specially developed lacquer (Color Code: RAL 9005).

The Stalaxy Thunder Neck produces a wide, full and crystal-clear tone. The lacquer does not limit the sound. We always take our Stalaxy saxophones with us for every performance, and we know you’ll share our connection with this instrument. Get ready to fall in love …

Stalaxy sound samples